Saturday, September 27, 2008

FREE EBOOKS - eBook Post #1

How popular are eBook today? Anything you could ever want to know about can be summed up, or detailed in depth, in a nice easy-to-read format in a downloadable eBook straight to your computer. Some people even sell eBooks for a living.

Here is a great one I found by accident and would like to pass it along to you. PLR Riches is easy to understand and even comes with resale rights if you would like to pass it along yourself or sell it and keep 100% of the profits! PLR, Private Label Rights, is a great way to earn some real cash online. It explains the difference between resale rights and private label rights, the PROs and CONs of private label rights, how to cash in on them, and even where to find them!

Here is the download link! [PLR RICHES] It will open in a new window in Adobe pdf format. You can save a copy to your computer from the new window if you wish.

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