Saturday, November 29, 2008

eBay $1 Holiday Doorbusters Deal Auctions... Don't Bother

Here's what I wrote to eBay in about 5 min:

"If anybody cares, or is wondering how these "holiday doorbuster" auctions are being snatched up seconds after they're listed, is because you simply have to search "You have found one of the $1 Holiday Doorbusters" in title and description and keep refreshing until something pops up. there's a bunch of sites telling you how to do this now with a search on the net. There's absolutely no way these auctions could be found (especially when the item name isn't in the title in some auctions!) within seconds of their listing every single time. I've been on here all night and couldn't even get to a "buy it now" button because they were over the second the page loaded. In other words, the game in this contest is ruined and for someone like me who knows what's going on isn't going to waste another minute even looking at it and advise everyone I know not to bother since they really don't have a shot at getting any of these items anyway."

Forget about it, the whole thing is ruined by cheaters and even if you cheat and just do what everyone else is doing by searching for that phrase in the auction descriptions there's a million other people doing it at the same time and getting the item before you can even load the page. I doubt eBay will care anyway but I think it's rediculous and careless how such a huge company like eBay made it so easy for people to ruin such a potentially fun and exciting contest.


wm said...

Sounds to me like you're a little upset you lack the technical skill to write on of these bots.

If eBay doesn't care about automated bids then it's not cheating.

Cheating implies breaking the rules.

Electronic House Project said...

WM: spoken like a tru Gen-Y 'er.

GreenReaper said...

As a member of Gen-Y, I agree. It is up to eBay to set or enforce rules on its own competitions. If it wants to promote a thriving secondary market in bot development, that is its choice.

Nate said...

I think scripts are fine too. It's up to the seller to design good countermeasures if they want to keep them out. Throw in a CAPTCHA or a cute riddle before you're allowed to bid and it even becomes fun for the contestants.

The fact that I'm Gen-X means that I shake my head at wasting time trying to acquire more goods, versus doing something more worthwhile with your time. However, the people sitting there all day hitting refresh are even worse for this than someone who takes on the challenge of writing a script. At least the latter teaches programming skills.